Birth:            December, 1771
Christening:  9 August, 1772, St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol
Occupation:  Accountant, Milk Street, Bristol
Marriage:     1804, St Mary Radcliffe Church, Bristol
Wife:            Mary Ann Moore (1781?-1866)
Death:         22 March, 1844, Cotham Place, Cotham
Will: Samuel Griffiths left a will showing him to be a man of property. Although Charles was the third of four sons, he was the             one named as an executor of the will, the elder two seemingly in debt to their father.
Transcription  of will (with some unknown words)

John Coryndon Tovey (1806-1881) - a commercial traveller dealing in artists' materials. He married Penimmiah Goodyear. He now has numerous descendants in Australia.

Samuel Griffiths Tovey (1808-1873) - an ecclesiastic artist and journalist. He married Florence May ?.He painted the portrait of Charles  and a number of other pictures and portraits.

Mary Ann Jane Tovey (1810-181!)

Charles Tovey (1812-1888)- wine merchant, writer, Town Councillor. He married Mary Symons Sympson.

Mary Jane Tovey (1819- )- a Governess and Fundholder.

Hellen (Hannah) Elizabeth Tovey (1821- )- music teacher, Governess and Fundholder.    

Elizabeth Tovey (1822-)   married William C Bruton.

Margaret Ann Tovey (1825- )- a Governess and Fundholder.

George Tovey ( )
We have some photos from the era, but sadly they are not named, making it difficult to      identify individuals.

Samuel Griffiths Tovey
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